Purpose, Scope, Ground and Concepts

Article 1- This circular lays down the rules for admission and registration of foreign students.




Article 2- This circular covers the foreign students who pursue their associate degree or undergraduate degree in Giresun University with the support of scholarships provided by governments of Turkish Republic or by supporting themselves with their own resources.




Article 3- This circular,


a)   The Law on the Foreign Students Taking Education in Turkey dated 14.10.1983 and numbered 2922,

b)  The Regulation on on the Foreign Students Taking Education in Turkey dated

30.04.1985 and numbered 18740,

c)  The official letter of the Council of Higher Education dated 01.07.2003 and numbered 1296-14245,

d)  The official letters of the Council of Higher Education dated  27.01.2010 and numbered 06-383-3269 and 06-383-3270,

e)  The official letter of the Council of Higher Education dated 19.02.2010 and numbered 06-800-6165,

f)   The  official  letter  of  the  Council  of  Higher  Education  dated  23.03.2010  and numbered 06-1489-10212,


was prepared on the ground of the above listed documents.




Article 4- For the purposes of this circular,


a)  Department:  Faculty,  conservatoire,  graduate  school  and  vocational  graduate school,

b)  Head of Department: Dean in faculties and manager in conservatoire, graduate school and vocational graduate schools,

c)  Residence Permit: The document showing that the foreigners are permitted to reside in Turkey for a certain period,

d) Relevant Council: Faculty Council in faculties, Conservatoire Council in conservatoires, Graduate School Council in graduate schools, Vocational Graduate School Council in vocational graduate schools,


e)  Relevant  Management  Council:  Faculty  Council  in  faculties,  Conservatoire Council   in   conservatoires,   Graduate   School   Council   in   graduate   schools, Vocational Graduate School Council in vocational graduate schools,

f)   Registrar’s Office: Registrar’s Office of Giresun University Rectorship,

g)  Education Entry Visa: The visa given to those foreign students who come Turkey with the aim of taking education by our foreign missions,

h)  Education Visa: The visa given to those foreign students who get residence permit with the aim of taking education in Turkey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs,

i)   Rector: Giresun University Rector, j)   Senate: Giresun University Senate,

k)  Turkish preparation course: The courses opening for teaching Turkish to foreign students in Giresun University or other higher education institutions,

l)   University: Giresun University,

m) University Management Board: Giresun University Management Board,

n)  Foreign  Student:  The  students  taking  education  in  Turkey  those  participating Turkish preparation courses in all fields and at all degrees including and other persons identified in relevant articles of this circular.









Article 5- Foreign students


Education Fee


Main Principles






Article 6- University Management Board shall determine the education fee that is received from foreign students within the range defined by the Council of Ministers.




Article 7- (1) The quotas for each department shall be determined after voting of the quota  defined  by each  academic  unit  as  10  percent  of  the  quota  of  the  relevant department for the previous in University Senate.


(2) If the quota of a department defined for a year shall not used or there shall not any application for such quota, it can be added to the quotas defined for other departments.


Exams and Evaluation Principles


Article 8- (1) Selection of foreign students: With the approval of Council of Higher Education, university entrance exams in the home country and other international exams (accepted exams and minimum scores that should be taken in these exams are listed below 3rd clause). Cumulative grade point average of the candidates and some or all of the exams carried out by the Universities shall be also taken into account. The exams taken into account in the selection of foreign students, base scores identified for each exam, entrance exam carried out by the university, the share of these items in the overall evaluation process shall be determined by University Senate annually and


announced for relevant agencies and institutions within the month of July. It was also published on the web site of the University (www.giresun.edu.tr). If the University Senate does not take any decision regarding the admission of foreign students, the decision of the previous year shall become valid.

(2) The selection of the foreign students applied to the departments which are taking their students with special proficiency exam shall be carried out on the basis of criteria existing in the special proficiency exam circular.

(3) Exams accepted for application and base scores are listed below.


TCS: Candidates getting at least 50 from the Exam for Turkic Republics with

Turk and Relative Communities;

YÖS: Candidates getting at least 40 from the Basic Learning Skills Exam;

SAT Reasoning: Candidates getting at least 1000 from SAT Reasoning Test out of 1600;

ACT  (American  College  Testing):  Candidates  getting  at  least  21  from

American College Testing,

TAWJİHİ: Candidates getting at least 70 out of 100 according to German exam score average in scientific or literary stream in Tawjihi exam carried out in Jordan and Palestine.

GCE (General Certificate Examination): Candidates having A level certificate at least in three topics in GCE, one of which is at least related to the applied programme.

Baccalaureat Libanais: Candidates having a diploma grade at least 14 (at least

70 out of 100) from baccalaureat exams,

International  Baccalaureat:  Candidates  having  a  International  Baccalaureat

Diploma with a diploma grade at least 30,

GAOKAO: Candidates getting at least 480 out of 750 from the University

Entrance Exam (GAOKAO) carried out in People’s Republic of China,

Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawiyya (Syrian Baccalaureat): Getting at least 180 out of

240 from scientific stream for the departments in engineering and architecture faculty and getting 170 out of 240 from literary stream for other departments in Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawiyya.

Diplome Debirestan and Pişdaneşgahi (Iran): Candidates having a high school diploma grade at least 15 out of 20 in Diplome Debirestan and Pişdaneşgahi (Iranian high school diploma).

Kazakhstan National University Exam: Candidates getting 80 out of 120 from

Kazakhstan National University Exam.

ABITUR (German Baccalaureat): Candidates getting at least 4 from ABITUR, Candidates getting gold, silver, bronze medal from Olympiads participated or recognized by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.


Validity Periods of Exams


Article 9- There is not any validity period for the exams in the status of high school completion exam (Abitur, International Baccalaureat, GCE, Tavvjihi etc.); but, the validity period for the exams in the status of university entrance exam (SAT, YÖS, etc.) is two years.


Eligible Applicants






Article  10-  The  application  of  the  foreign  students  meeting  the  following conditions in addition to being a last-year student in high school (senior student) or a graduate of high school shall be accepted:


a)  having a foreign origin,

b)  born-to-be Turkish citizens ceasing to be a Turkish citizen with the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the persons proving their ownership of the document for the use of rights given with the Law numbered 5203 as the non-adult children of the persons  ceasing to be a Turkish citizen,

c)  the students completing their whole education or high school education abroad except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a citizen of Turkish Republic or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


Ineligible Applicants


Article 11- The application of the foreign students under one of the circumstances identified below shall not be accepted:


a)  Citizens of Turkish Republic, citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, persons with dual citizens, one of which is Turkish Republic and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (except the students completing  their education abroad except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus),

b)  Students ceasing to be a Turkish citizens   or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus while being dual citizens, if they complete their education in Turkey or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,

c)  Turkish citizens completing their education in Turkish Republic of Northern


d) Students dismissed from a higher education institution in Turkey due to disciplinary action.


THIRD CHAPTER Application, Evaluation, Registration

Article 12- The instructions related to application shall be announced in the web page of Giresun University (www.giresun.edu.tr).


Documents Submitted During Registration


Article 13- All the documents should be submitted in original or certified. The documents without original signature and seal, and documents submitted by e-mail or fax shall not be accepted. All the documents shall be in Turkish or English. The application with missing documents shall not be taken into account in selection process.


Documents submitted during registration:


a)  Application Form (Application form can be accessed from the web-page of the

University (www.giresun.edu.tr) ),





b)  High School Diploma: The applicants do not have a high school diploma shall submit a official document received from their high school and showing the date exact date of their graduation. (Diploma Equivalency Document that can be attained from the Turkish Ministry of National Education or Turkish Embassy in their countries will be requested during the registration).


c)  Official Transcript: Official transcript showing the courses and grades of the applicants received from their high school,

d)  Valid Exam Result: The original and copy of the exam (SAT I, GCE, ACT, TAWJIHI etc.) result shall be submitted.

e)  A copy of the passport,

f)   2 portrait photo: The photos should be taken in the last six months, front view, easy to identify student, with a size of 4.5x6 cm. Photocopy photos shall not be accepted.

g)  Receipt of application fee.


Evaluation of Applications


Article 14- The decisions related to evaluation of applications and placement of foreign students shall be taken by the University. Filling the announced quotas is at the discretion of the University. Meeting the application conditions shall not guarantee the placement.


Article 15- The applications shall be evaluated by a commission established by the academic board of relevant department.


Article 16- A letter of acceptance or an equivalent document shall be given to foreign students accepted by the University to be used in getting education visa. Accepted applicants shall take education visa from the Turkish embassy in their home country (or any other Turkish embassy in their vicinity) to be registered to the University. Education visa is required both for entering Turkey and making registration to the University.


After the announcement of results, the acceptance of the foreign students shall be cancelled, if they do not send a confirmation letter to the University.


Announcement of Results


Article 17- Applicants shall be notified in written about the results. The results are also announced on the web-page of the University (www.giresun.edu.tr).


Registration and Documents Submitted for Registration


Article 18- Registration shall be made by the Registrar’s Office of the University

as in the announced calendar. Documents submitted for registration:

a)  Letter of Acceptance of Giresun University,





b)  Original of high school diploma and Diploma Equivalency Document taken from a Turkish embassy or consulate in order to show the equivalence of their diploma to the diplomas taken from Turkish high schools,


c)  Original  or  certified  copy  of  the  exam  result  document  to  be  used  in application (SAT I, GCE, ACT, TAWJIHI etc.),

d)  A photocopy of the official identification card or the page of the passport including the personal identifying information certified by a Turkish embassy or consulate,

e)  Bank receipt showing the payment of tuition fee (annually determined amount by the Council of Ministers.),

f)   Education visa received from the Turkish embassy in the home country of foreign student,

g) Certified original of the internationally recognized certificate of Turkish competency received from Turkish embassy or consulate,

h)  12 portrait photos with a size of 4.5x6.0 cm (Photos should be taken in the last

six months, front view, easy to identify student).


Article 19- The candidates should prove the existence of a financial guarantee that is adequate to continue their higher education in Turkey and it is subject to prove. The  amount  of  deposit  value  for  each  academic  year  defined  in  June  by the University Senate.


Article 20- Tuition fee for the first semester shall be deposited to the announced bank account before the start of courses. The acceptance of the candidates who do not deposit their tuition fees on time is cancelled and these candidates lose their right for registration.


Article 21- All the foreign students should have a health insurance that is valid for their education in Turkey.




FOURTH CHAPTER Regulation Applied in Education

Article 22- Foreign students are subject to Associate and Undergraduate Degree

Education and Exam Regulation of Giresun University.


Means of Instruction


Article  23-  Means  of  instruction  in  Giresun  University  is  Turkish  with  an exception of some programmes.


Article 24- Foreign students acquires the right of registration to the programmes under which participation to foreign language preparatory class is obligatory or there is intensive foreign language education shall be subject to Giresun University Foreign Language Education Regulation.


Level of Turkish and Turkish Preparation Courses





Article 25- Foreign students accepted to the programmes whose means of instruction is Turkish:



a)  Turkish level of the candidates applying with YÖS exam shall be determined

on the  basis of Turkish score received from this exam,

b)  Turkish level of the candidates applying with other exams shall be determined with Turkish competency exam conducted by Giresun University Turkish Language Department,

c)  Turkish competency exam organised by different institutions shall be used in determining Turkish level of candidates with a decision of Giresun University Senate.


Article 26- Level of Turkish and their equivalence are listed below:


A Level: Applicants whose level of Turkish is sufficient to start their programs at once they have been placed in,


B Level: Turkish of the candidate can be improved in a short time. Candidate can start education by taking Turkish preparation course. These candidates shall be taken to Turkish competency exam in the first week of their education. Turkish preparation programmes are applied to successful candidates in accordance with their level of success,


C Level: Turkish of the candidate is not adequate. These candidates shall continue to Turkish preparation course for a year after making their registration to the programme they were accepted.


Article 27- Turkish preparation course of the candidates with a Turkish level B and C is arranged by Turkish Language Department of the University. The candidates can take Turkish preparation course in different educational institutions with a decision taken by the University Senate.


Article 28- A tuition fee may be received from the candidates participating to the Turkish preparation course. This amount shall be determined by the University Senate within the range of tuition fee defined by the University Senate for foreign students.



Obligations of Academic Units


Article 29- Academic units are obligied to


a)  define conditions and quotas for the admission of foreign students within the scope of this Circular and present to the University Rectorship annually until the end of May to be discussed in the University Senate,

b)  take relevant measures related to registration of foreign students and provide guidance services,





c) monitor the conditions of foreign students, collect information about the conditions   of   foreign   students,   evaluate   the   collected   information   and presenting to the Rectorship.



Obligations of Rectorship


Article 30- Rectorship is obligied to:


1)  ensure making of a decision on the rules related to the selection of foreign students coming to the University within the scope of this Circular by the University Senate rules and notify these rules to the Council of Higher Education and other relevant agencies and institutions,

2)  carry out admission and registration of foreign students and amending the data processing form belonging to foreign students,

3)  open Turkish preparation course, collect information related to foreign students including Turkish preparation course, conducting guidance services, notifying relevant authorities regarding the changes in the situation of students,

4)  prepare and distribute promotional documents and catalogues on the University to attract foreign students,

5)  participate to education fairs in abroad to promote the University,

6)  form  a  Foreign  Students  Office  within  the  University  to  support  foreign students,

7)  define implementation calendar on the basis of foreign student quotas, indicate relevant activities in the academic calendar of the University, submit relevant information related to registered foreign students to the Council of Higher Education.


Obligations of Registered Foreign Students


Article 31- Foreign students are obligied to:


1)  participate to exams opened by Turkish authorities in their home countries

(students who will take Basic Learning Skills Exam (YÖS)),

2)  carry out relevant activities and taking relevant documents on the basis of

Turkish law,

3)  apply to the units providing guidance services,

4)  notify the changes in their marital status and education conditions within 15 days to the units providing guidance services in their educational institution,

5)  renew their residence permit after 15 days from the completion of the duration defined in their passport by proving the continuation of their education,

6)  take a new document within 15 days in case of a loss of residence permit or passport,

7)  notify the local police authorities within 48 hours in case of a change in terms of educational institution or residence place.





SIXTH CHAPTER Other Provisions


Absence of an Issue in the Circular


Article  32-  In  the  absence  of  a  provision  in  this  Circular  related  to  foreign students, provisions of relevant law, regulation and decisions of University Senate shall be applied.




Article 33- This Circular shall put into force with the approval of the Council of

Higher Education.




Article 34- The provisions of this Circular shall be carried out by the Rector of

Giresun University.