2015 - 2016 Academic Year International Student Application, Evaluation, and Exact Registration Calendar


07 - 18 Sept 2015: Additional Placement Preferred Applications

22 Sept 2015 (after 17:30): Evaluation and Announcement of the Results on Web Page

08 - 09 Oct 2015: Registration of Permanent Candidates


In the event of vacant quota

09 Oct 2015 (after 17:30): Announcement of the Alternates on Web Page

16 Oct 2015: Registration of the Alternates


In the event of vacant quota we announce second application


Notice-1. Our university doesn’t have an International students admission exam, however the results of national and international exams, the results of International student admission exams held by other universities are accepted, and after the placement process has finished, mark averages of secondary education (diploma mark) are accpeted and evaluated for remaining quotas.

Notice-2. For departments admitting students with special talent examination, as an addition to the conditions stated above, the candidates must pass the special talent examination conducted by our University and in the evaluation of the applications is conducted according to the application, registration and acceptance regulations of the related Faculty, School, Conservatory or Vocational School.