How to Apply

International Student applications for the up-coming academic school year will be available online from May 2015

Students can apply to BVU via http://www.bezmialem.edu.tr/en/international_form/ accompanied by the documents mentioned below.


Documents Required For Application

Copy of High School Diploma

Copy of Official Transcript

Certified copy of national or International Examination Result (SAT I, GCE, ACT, ABITUR, IB, TAWJIHI, Diplome Depirestan, Matura etc.) (If available)

Copy of passport

Certified copy of TOEFL or IELTS test (if available)

Certificate of proficiency in Turkish (if available)

Application Process

- Candidates can apply for a maximum of three programs.

- Application of the preliminary examination, evaluation and placement programs are assessed by the commission authorized by Rectorate.

- University entrance exams such as SAT are valid for two years. High school graduation exams (e.g.,Abitur, IB , GCE, Tawjihi) have no limit as to their period of validity.

- The language of instruction for all the health programs is English (30%) and Turkish (70%) except for the University's Faculty of Health Sciences, where instruction is entirely Turkish.

- Students accepted by BVU ​​must provide proof of proficiency in English and Turkish; otherwise, they must take the English and Turkish Proficiency Exams administered by our university. By passing this exam, they may enroll directly into introductory classes of their particular health fields. Those who do not obtain a passing score in this exam are obligated to pass the one-year English preparatory school.

- Candidates application results are announced at www.bezmialem.edu.tr

- Accepted candidates will receive an acceptance letter from BVU International Relations Office. Upon acceptance, candidates are required to apply to the nearest Embassy of Turkey in their countries to obtain an Educational Visa. This visa is absolutely necessary for enrollment at BVU.

Important Dates For Application

Application Dates: 4 May 2015 - 24 July 2015

Evaluation of Application: 24 July - 30 July 2015

Announcement of the Results: 31 July 2015

Dates for Enrollment: 3 August 2015 - 21 August 2015

Announcement for Additional Placement: 24 August 2015

Dates for Enrollment of Additional Placements: 24 August 2015 - 31 August 2015

Orientation Dates for International Students: 09-10-11 September 2015