Purpose and Scope, Basis and Definitions
Aims and Scope
ARTICLE 1 - ( 1 ) This directive , Bayburt University -level undergraduate and graduate students from abroad will be accepted based on application and admission relating to the acquisition organizes and covers.
ARTICLE 2 - ( 1) This directive Foreign Students Studying in Turkey with the Higher Education Law No. 2922 dated 17.03.2010 and 21.01.2010 of the General Assembly based on the adoption of foreign students has been prepared based on the decision .
ARTICLE 3 - ( 1) In this directive ;
a) Unit: Faculty of the University , College or vocational school ,
b) Related Board : depending on the relevant Faculty University , College or Vocational School Board of Directors ,
c) Rector : Rector of the University of Bayburt ,
d) Senate: Bayburt University Senate , the
d) University: University of Bayburt
e) BÜYÖS : Bayburt University Foreign Student Examination refers to .
Bayburt University Students from abroad to be Accepted
Basic principles, Application and Registration Requirements
Basic principles
ARTICLE 4 - ( 1) The University associate, bachelor's , open learning and distance education programs, with the approval of the Board of Higher Education will accept students from abroad .
( 2) The University of the relevant units offered and the Senate, with the approval of the designated foreign students to be admitted quotas Board of Higher Education decided by binding Abroad Admissions Guide is located in the said manual posting ÖSYM done.
(3) Universities from abroad will apply for students of Higher Education approved by the Board exams of high school graduation exams in the status equivalent exams ( Abitur, International Baccalaureate , GCE, Tawjihi, etc. . ) The period of validity regarding any restrictions. However, with the status of the college entrance examination exam validity period of two years.
(4) ( Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) University from abroad will accept student quotas refer to the absence or quota expiry of the case , stuffed applicant or non- quota university requested if transferred to other programs ÖSYS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide located in quota of 35% may be added with the condition to pass .
(5 ) University students will be accepted each year from abroad will be tuition fees, according to the amount determined by the Council of Ministers by the University Board submitted to the Board of Higher Education .
(6) ( Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) and accept student applications will be accepted from overseas operations schedule is prepared by the Department of Student Affairs .
Terms of Reference
ARTICLE 5 - ( 1) (Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) Candidates school and equivalent schools in the last year have either graduated in case if they are national and internationally recognized high school graduation and / or college entrance examinations to the status of an additional table (Table 1) to be entered into one of the exam and the university have put his application for this exam scores exceed the threshold in the case of applications will be accepted.
(2 ) Candidates applying for the program they graduated from a field or fields related to it may be desirable to have a kind of test scores .
(3) pre-application will be conducted in an interactive environment . Www.bayburt.edu.t other documents necessary for application will be announced at the address .
(4) Candidates declared that specify the order of preference of the quota can choose 5 different programs .
Candidates will apply for Adoption
ARTICLE 6 - ( 1) (Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) TC those nationals ( other than TRNC last three years of high school education
completed high school education in a foreign country or in a foreign country other than the whole of Cyprus
Completed in Turkish schools excluded)
(2) ( Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) of those who TRNC ( KKTC the entire secondary education in high schools
Those with GCE AL results or in other countries between the years 2005-2010 college and high school enrollment
built and by studying GCE AL exam results will be with or excluded)
(3) One of Nat T. C. that dual nationals , ( the last three years of high school education in a foreign country other than Cyprus
Except completed )
(4) One of Nat dual nationals who Cyprus ( TRNC whole of secondary education in high school GCE AL
results excluding those with )
(5) who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey , have completed their high school education in TRNC applications will not be accepted .
(6) ( Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) with schools located within the Embassies in Turkey
TC studying at foreign high schools in Turkey , which accepts applications from nationals
not .
Bayburt University Foreign Student Examination ( BÜYÖS ) Principles
ARTICLE 7 - ( 1) Bayburt University Foreign Student Examination ( BÜYÖS ) every year on the date specified in the academic calendar
is made .
(2) BÜYÖS , BÜYÖS Examination is conducted by the Commission . This commission appointed by the Rector of 5 people
occurs. Acceptance of the application , the preparation of a list of candidates to take the exam , the announcement of the results
and coordination, in line with the commission's decision and instructed by the Department of Student Affairs
is performed .
(3) BÜYÖS exam, which is done in previous years taken into consideration in the Foreign Student Examination
prepared questions and evaluation is done in the order of nature .
(4) BÜYÖS following the date of certification exam is valid for two academic years .
(5) BÜYÖS exam fee is determined each year by the University Board .
ARTICLE 8 - ( 1) Bayburt University quota of foreign students and evaluation of applicants
departments / programs, the placement process is done by a commission formed by the Presidency .
( 2) Students in order of preference on the basis of the system are placed according to the scores determined by the University .
Placement in the case of a tie score , primarily to the level of the Turkish language , date of birth in case of a tie again
Candidates who are placed by a minor .
(3) students with aptitude tests and evaluation of applicants for these programs, the placement process
will determine the dates of these programs is done in accordance with their own principles and procedures .
(4) The right to be accepted and placed the winning candidates to be able to start training Universities
have made the Turkish competency exam centers will bring results or tomer Turkish qualification certificate ( A and B
level) are required to submit documents showing that they have .
(5) ( Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) a university, college or vocational school admitted to the affiliated units
The number of foreign students from the same country , connected to this unit can not exceed 20 % of the total quota of the program . quotas
if the country is not applied to fill the dam . Order from the replacement candidates are registered .
Announcement of Results
ARTICLE 9 - ( 1) The application results in an interactive environment the University's web page ( in www.bayburt.edu.t ) is announced .
(2) ( Amended: You . 16.05.2013-06/25 ) Registration of the candidates entitled to the Foreign Student Application Form
letter of acceptance will be sent to their address . Candidates in their country ( or closest ) to the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
a "Student Visa" are required to take . This visa to enter Turkey and the university to enroll
is required.
Documents required for registration
ARTICLE 10 - ( 1) According to the results of the evaluation to the university students who register at the registration
www.bayburt.edu.t documents to be requested from the address will be announced .
Turkish Language Levels
ARTICLE 11 - ( 1) The language of instruction is Turkish register of candidates admitted to the unit after the start time for their education
Which will be held by the University or recognized as equivalent to the results obtained in the Turkish language exam is optional. this
of the candidates ;
a) those who are proficient in Turkish (Level A ) units will be able to immediately begin their education .
b) Turkish in a short time , which may be sufficient candidates ( Level B ) units to continue their education
While at the university , which will open on advancing Turkish courses / lessons obliged to continue
will be held .
c) Candidates are judged insufficient Turkish (Level C ) one year after the leave of absence until they will be obliged to learn Turkish and Turkish , after demonstrating what they have learned in the unit will continue teaching . B within the time periods specified at least to the level of Turkish interests can not be dismissed with one of the students .
(2) Education tongue is not Turkish units Turkish exam for students who register will be made. Students who wish to enroll in this unit , for that language national and / or international qualification certificate must give the relevant unit . Foreign language level are not deemed sufficient for the exam is done by the School of Foreign Languages ​​. Successful start training , foreign language preparation classes who fail to continue .
Absence of provisions , Enforcement and Execution
Provisions are available
ARTICLE 12 - ( 1) In cases where there are provisions in this directive , in accordance with the relevant legislation and the relevant and competent authorities is carried out by the organization .
ARTICLE 13 - ( 1) This directive adopted by Bayburt University Senate shall enter into force on the date .
ARTICLE 14 - ( 1) This directive shall be conducted by the Rector of Bayburt .



Admission of foreign students to Bayburt University in the 2015-2016 academic year will be carried out according to there sults of the exams performeda broad which are recognised as equivalentand according to the results of the exams performed by the universities them selves for foreign students.

Application will be made from the date of 01.08.2016.

Students who are entitled to en roll to Bayburt University will be announced in our websitewww.bayburt.edu.tr 

Applications of candidates who have given false or inaccurate information during the interactive application will be definitely not accepted.


Note:The applicants don’t have to send any documents by mail, because the application process of the foreign students will be carried out online. Applicants entitled to enroll the university have to hand in the required documents during the final registration to the university.

Registration of candidates who apply with in complete documents will definitely not be carried out.Whenfailure is detected in the documents of the candidate, even after there gistration to the university,There lation ship between the students and the Bayburt University will be interrupted.


Date of Application                                    :01.08.2016 - 19.08.2016

Announcement of Assessment Results      :23.08.2016

Registration of the Accepted Applicants     :23.08.2016 – 05.09.2016

Announcement of the Accepted Reserves   :07.09.2016

Registration of the Accepted Reserves        :07.09.2016 - 23.09.2016


Web : http://ogr.bayburt.edu.tr/uluslararasiogrenci