Foreign students are accepted according to “The Law Concerning the Foreign Students Having Education in Turkey” and “Instruction Concerning the Acceptance of Foreign Students to Balikesir University”.

In Turkey, conditions for acceptance of foreign students can be determined by the universities on the condition that they are approved by Higher Education Council (YOK). The quota and the acceptance conditions of the foreign students to be accepted in Balikesir University and the dates are determined by the University Senate getting the ideas of related academical department, then they are approved by Higher Education Council (YOK) and all these are published on the web site of Registar’s Office. (http://ogris.balikesir.edu.tr)

The acceptance of foreign students to undergraduate and graduate programs in Balıkesir University is according to their scores from internationally recognized exams such as SAT, ATC, GCE AL, ABITUR etc. or secondary grades. Subsequent to completion of the application processes, the applications of candidates is evaluated by the department of student affairs as a part of reserved quota for foreign students; as to final registration procedures is completed by the institution they settle in.

The level of foreign candidates is determined according to the results they get either from the exam “Turkish Proficiency Test for Foreign Students” or from one of the Turkish tests of TC colleges bound to Turkish academic centers. Those with insufficient Turkish levels are granted leave of absence for 1 year to learn Turkish after they enroll.

Following the beginning of the academic year their granted leave of absence students begin their education in case of bringing diploma or certificate corresponding to sufficient Turkish level.

With our universities preregistration and aptitude test the application and selection processes to the students accepted departments are done according to announced date and conditions by related Faculties and Colleges.

In student acceptance from abroad, documents required for registration are determined by our university senate each year and are announced on our university web page.


Candidates who have a right to register to department/programs which have a foreign language preparation class is according to “Foreign Language Teaching and Principles to be conformed in Education in a Foreign Language at Higher Education Institutions” and “School of Foreign Languages ​​Center Foreign Language Level Examination Regulations”.

Application Req.

Applicants who earned the right  to  be admitted to any of the University’s faculties, colleges, vocational colleges has to apply  for registration with the proper documents demanded by Administration of University within the timetable determined by the University Administration Board. Applicants who do not register and pay the tuition fee on time will be subjected to lose their right for admission to the related department they were admitted. Documents demanded by the university administration may be the original files or approved copies of those files.

At the starting period of each semester, students have to pay the tuition fee and other fees and renew their registration and the classes they are taking by having them approved by their counsellor within the period declared on Academic Calendar.

Education Programmes whose Field of Study is A Foreign Language are taught in Turkish yet, if the associated board, senate and Higher Education instution approves, at least 30 percent of the classes can be taught in English.

Lateral Branch Programmes

Students who are already registered to any department can register for a Lateral branch if they wish to in addition to their main branch. Lateral Branch Programme is not a standalone degree orıgramme.

Lateral Branch Programme is established based on the demand of the associated department, suggestion of the related board and the decision of the senate. Issues related to Lateral Branch Programme are determined in cooperation with the department and by the senate.

Double Major Programme

Students of a department can study at another department which may be in the same or different faculty or college and is related to what he is studying. Issues relared Double Major Programmes are determined by the senate of the associated faculty/college.


Transfers to the Faculties, colleges and vocational colleges are regulated by the regulations published on Official Gazette number 27561 on 24/4/2010 and it governs credit transfer provisions between Higher education institutions, faculties, double majors, lateral branch programmes which is conducted based on the principles determined by the Senate.

Vertical Transitions

Those who graduated from Degree Programs, Vocational Colleges and Distance education programmes are subject to the principles determined by the senate and terms declared on the Official Gazette number 24676 of 19/2/2002 which governs vertical transitions and education of the aforementioned faculties, colleges and distance education programs.

Foreign Students

Colleges and Degree programs  that are going to accept applications of foreign students will have the quota to be allocated for those students determined by the University senate and this quota will be declared toStudent Placement and Assessment Center (ÖSYM). Higher Education Board will have the final word on these numbers and it will be declared on the guidebook.

If they are at the last stage of High School or if they already graduated:

a) For Foreigners,

b) Turkish citizens by birth and on permitted leave by Ministry of Internal Affairs to become the citizen of another country and the registered children of them can if they document their status which they have due to the law number 5203.

c) Citizens who were foreigner by birth but became a Dual citizen by attaining Turkish citizenship,

ç) Turkish Citizens who completed last three years of their high school education (except for Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic)

 d) KKTC(Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic)  citizens and those who reside and study at  a high school in Cyprus will have their applications accepted if they have exam results for GCE AL.

2) From Applicants:

a) Turkish Citizens, (those who completed last three years of their education in Cyprus Turkish Republic or in a Foreign Country),

b) except KKTC citizens (those who completed their high school education and have a GCE AL score to submit

c) Dual Citizens whose one of Citizenships is of Turkey’s (except for those who completed last three years of their high school education in a foreign country except for Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic)

ç) Dual citizenship owners whose one of the citizenships is of Turkey (apart from those who completed their high school education in Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic and have scores for GCE AL test

e) Those that were expelled from a higher education institution because of disciplinary issues cannot have their applications admitted.

Documents Demanded for Registration

Documents demanded for the application are going to be determined by the University Senate each year and they will be declared on the website of the University.

Application Principles

(1)Quotas, application terms and dates are determined by the Senate of The University and are declared on the website of the Balıkesir University in June of each year.

(2) The department/degree to be applied and their equivalents, graduation fields’ suitability are all decided by the  “Foreign Student Admission Committee”.

(3) Applications, filled application forms and other necessary documents have to be sent to the university or submitted via mail or personally to our University’s Student Affairs Department.

(4) Granting the right to be an attorney for one can be attained from Notaries in Turkey or Representative Offices so that a third person can apply on behalf of the actual applicant.

(5) In the case of applications done through mail will not be accepted if it arrives after the application deadline as a result of delays in mail transfer.

(6) Applicants who apply without all or any of the documents demanded will not have their application evaluated.

(7) Applicants who applied to our university or were not admitted to any degree program will not have their application fee paid back.

(8) Departments of Our University that admit students through pre-registration and aptitude tests will declare and determine the application and preference issues along with dates and conditions.

Tests Accepted In Applications

Assessments will be made based on the test results mentioned below yet, University Senate can add other test types.

a) Applicants who get 160 points from YGS exam can apply for Colleges and those with180 points minimum can apply to a degree program.

b) SAT I: Candidates with at least a score of 1000

c) GCE AL (General Certificate Education / A Level Certificate) getting A level certificate for at least two classes

ç) ACT (American College Testing) applicants who get at least get a score of 21

d) I.B. (International Baccalaureate) Applicants who have International Bachelorship Diploma and has Diploma Degree of at least 28 which differs based on the department they are going to apply to.

e) ABITUR (German Bachelorship) Applicants who get at least for points from German Bachelorship.

f) Applicants who have French Bachelorship Diploma and have a graduation degree of 12.

g) Applicants who get a score of 80 out of 100 in Science Field from TAWJİHİ test which is taken in Jordan or Palestine.

ğ) Applicants who get a score of 14 in the field of Science (Science Stream) from Bachelorship Test done in Lebanon (Baccalaureat Libanais (Scientific Stream)

h) Applicants who get a score of 180 over 240 for Science Department Section and get a score of 170 for other fields (AL-SAHADA-AL TAHANAWİYYA)

ı) Applicants who get a score of 480 out of 750 points from the applied field’s test (GAOKAO) done in Peoples Republic of China.

i) Applicants who get a score of  250 out of 700 points from the test named TQDK done in Azerbaijan

j) Applicants with a score of 60 or more from INDONESIA UJIAN NATIONAL test(UAN) (UN)

k) Applicants who get a score of 45 or more from KENYA CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION test

(1) Applicants who get a score of 40 or more from TCS (Turkish Republics and Relative Turkish Communities Test)

m) Applicants who get a score of C or more from WAEC (test done in West Africa Countries)

n) Applicants who get a score of 90 or more from Kazakhstan National University Test

o) Applicants who get a score of 190 from Science test and a score of 185 from social sciences test of Libya Bachelorship

ö) High School GPA :In countries where there is no High School Completion Test, 60 percent of the minimum grade

p) Applicants who get golden, silver or bronze medals from an International Science Olympic that TUBITAK recognizes (these applicants do not necessarily have to get the base scores and they will have a priority over others when it comes to accepting them for study)”

(2) Equivalency of the accepted tests will be decided by the Senate of The University

(3) If placement scores are at a stalemate, high school GDA will be checked first, if stalemate still persists the results of the Turkish Placement Exam will determine the acceptance of the student. If stalemate is still in place then, the younger applicant will be preferred.

(4) The number of Applicants from the same country to a Faculty or College cannot be higher than 20 % of the quota of the associated college or faculty.

(5) As part of the student acceptance procedure, applicants who attain the right to register will be declared on the website of Balıkesir University.

Documents Demanded for Registration

Documents required for registration are determined by the senate of the university each year and then are declared on the Official Website of The University.

Proficiency In Turkish

(1)Students admitted to Balıkesir University can begin studying based on the score they make at placement exam for determining their proficiency in Turkish. This test is done by the Turkish Learning Centers.

(2) Students will either be on leave for a year or begin their study depending on the score they make at the Turkish Learning Center’s test. Language Level “A” is for those Proficient in Turkish, B is for those who needs to develop their Proficiency in Turkish and C is for those who are not proficient in Turkish. Applicants with Level C or less will be on leave for a year so that they can learn Turkish more.

(3)In the beginning of following the year the students were on leave, students who provide a certificate or diploma that documents their proficiency to be “A” Proficient in Turkish or “B” Has to develop proficiency in Turkish can begin their studies.

(4)  During the absolute registration, those who do not have a proficiency in a Turkish certificate can take Balıkesir University Turkish Proficiency Placement Test if the exam is to be conduct that specific year.

The results and their possible repercussions following the exam;

85-100 points A (Proficient in Turkish, Can begin studying)

70-84 points B (Their proficiency in Turkish can progress in a short time span, he can begin to study)

50-69 points C (Their Proficiency in Turkish can progress, can start studying.)

0-points        F (Insufficient Proficiency in Turkish, Has to Take A Year of Turkish Classes)

Foreign Language Preparation Class

Applicants who are admitted to departments of our university that has a foreign language preparation class are subject to “Provisions in Teaching foreign language and Teaching in a Foreign Language at higher education institutions which are based on the instructions of Foreign Languages College and Foreign Language placement exams regulations.

Exchange Students

Registration procedures and applications of exchange students who come from abroad as part of bilateral agreements are done based on the agreements made between the universities. All procedures are handled by International Relations Research and Application Center Administration.