Qualities Of Applicants

Article 1 - (1) copy of the high School or equivalent diploma;

a) Foreign nationals,

b) are citizens of the Birth of the Turkish or Turkish citizenship by the Ministry of the Interior for permission, it is out of Turkish citizenship to minors registered in the document of the 5203 Law regarding the Use of Rights granted by the owner of the Document are added.

c) foreign nationals by Birth and is then TC citizenship, dual citizenship,

d) is a citizen of the last three years of high school education in ankara for a foreign countries have followed and completed

e) the TRNC citizens residing in the Trnc in the Trnc, and who have completed secondary education at GCE AL exam for those who possess;

applications are accepted,

(2) Candidates;

a) those who are of Turkish nationality (in the last three years of high school education outside of the TRNC to apply for a foreign country)

b) citizens of Turkish republic of northern cyprus ones (the whole secondary education the Turkish republic of northern high school scores of GCE AL results, except for those who have),

c) whose one of the dual nationals, the last three years of high school education outside of the TRNC to apply for a foreign country)

d) the Nationality of one of the K.K.T.C. a dual citizenship (the whole secondary education high school in the TRNC, with scores of GCE AL except those),

e) Turkish citizenship and high school education completed in Trnc,

applications are not accepted.

Documents Required For Application

Article 2 - (1) the applicants;

a) Foreign students by http/www.amasya.edu.tr address from which they will receive the application form to be filled,

b) high School diploma or graduation in the output document of a notary or Consulate in the country of approval (Turkish translation) example

c) transcript (courses and grades of the high school of the Candidate shows, approved by the school administration official transcript),

Reference Conditions

Article 3 - (1) the Application, filled in application form together with other documents required by postal mail, e-mail, online or in person, through the office of the registrar, University.

(2) delays due to arrive after the deadline for application application documents will not be processed.

(3) the Application documents within the period of any of the applicants is missing, your application will not be considered for evaluation.

The students wishing to join Amasya University are to follow the Amasya University official web site to see the application dates.  (http://amasya.edu.tr/)