CLAUSE 1 - The aim of this instruction is to arrange foreign students’ acceptance to academic units of Ahi Evran University and application conditions. 

CLAUSE 2 – This instruction contains foreign students who benefit from the scholarships put under foreign governments’ order by The Turkish Republic within the frame of various agreements or who come to Ahi Evran University to study undergraduate or associate degree with their own means. 

CLAUSE 3 –  This instruction is prepared basing on 14th clause of 2547 numbered Higher Education Law and 19.02.2013 dated and 75850160-301.02-1177/8033 numbered letter of Presidency of Higher Education Concil 

CLAUSE 4 – The terms in this instruction are defined as ;
a) AEÜ- YÖS : Ahi Evran University Foreign Student Entrance Exam
b) Unit : Faculties, Conservatories, Schools and Vocational schools of Ahi Evran University
c) Residence Permit :  The document stating that a foreign individual is allowed to reside in Turkey for a length of time.
d) ONO: Secondary Education Grade Point Average
e) Directorate of Student affairs : Ahi Evran University Directorate of Student Affairs
f) Visa Annoted by Education : Visa document given by Foreign Representative Offices of Turkey to the foreign students who intend to come to Turkey for the purpose of education.
g)Rector : Rector of Ahi Evran University
h)Rectorate : Ahi Evran University Rectorate
i) Senate: Senate of Ahi Evran University
j) TR : Turkish Republic
k) TÖMER : Turkish Language Teaching Centre
l) Turkish Language Preparation Classes : The classes opened at Ahi Evran University or at other Higher Education Institutions to teach Turkish Language to Foreign students.
m) University : Ahi Evran University
n) University Steering Committee : Ahi Evran University Steering Committee
o) Visa : Certificate issued or a stamp marked (on the applicant’s passport) by the immigration authorities of a country to indicate that the applicant  has been granted permission to enter  and exit border crossing of a country 
p)Foreign Student : It represents the ones who study in any degree and department or attend Turkish language courses and who are not Turkish citizen or the other people defined in the concerned clauses of this instruction 
r)  YÖDSK: Foreign Student Evaluation and Selection Board

Student Quota and Application Calendar

  1. If a University intends to accept foreign students, quota can be offered for the University’s short cycle and first cycle programmes (daytime education, evening education, distance education and open learning programmes). Quota cannot be offered for Vocational and Technical Education Region (METEB) associated programmes. After the quota offers of the University’s short and first cycle programmes are decided by the Senate, they are sent to Higher Education Council.
  2. In the Programmes, except for Law, Medical and Pharmacy, in case there is no application for foreign student quotas or in case of unfulfillment of quotas, The University Steering Committee can decide to transfer these quotas to other programmes.
  3. The application calendar regarding the acceptance of foreign students is indicated in the Academic Calendar.

CLAUSE 6 – Applicants WILL BE ACCEPTED under these circumstances: 

1. On condition that they are at the last grade of secondary schools or they are graduated;

a) The applicants ;

  1. Have to be a foreigner
  2. Have to be the ones who are Turkish citizens and get permission for the declaration of Turkish alienage from the Interior Ministry; the ones who authenticate the document of Exercise the Rights Given by no. 5203 law received by non-adult children who are not registered in the declaration of Turkish alienage
  3. Have to be dual citizens who were born as a foreigner and then are naturalized as the citizen of Turkish Republic
  4. Have to be a citizen of Turkish Republic and completed the last three years of their secondary education in a foreign country except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  5. Have to be a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizen and reside in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; and they must be the ones who completed their secondary education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and got GCE and AL examination results and they must have been registered to the colleges and secondary schools between 2005 -2010 and completed their education and have or will have the results of GCE AL Examinations.

2. The applicants WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED under these circumstances:

b) If the applicants are;
1) Turkish Republic citizens and completed their whole education in Turkey or in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
2) Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizens (except for the  ones who completed their secondary education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’s secondary schools and have GCE and AL examination results and the ones registered to the colleges and secondary schools between 2005 -2010 and completed their education and have or will have the results of GCE AL Examinations.)
3) Dual citizens who have their first citizenship after birth from Turkish Republic, as defined in (2) numbered subclause of (a) article (except for the ones who completed their secondary education in a foreign country except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus / who completed their secondary education in a Turkish School located in a foreign country except for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)
4) Dual citizens and one of them is Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus citizenship (except for the ones who completed their secondary education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’s secondary schools and have GCE and Al examination results and the ones registered to the colleges and secondary schools between 2005 -2010 and completed their education and have or will have the results of GCE AL Examinations)
5) Turkish citizens and dual citizens who have their first citizenship after birth from Turkish Republic, as defined in (2) numbered subclause of (a) article, and who are studying at schools within the body of Embassies in Turkey and at foreign secondary schools located in Turkey

CLAUSE 7- (1) The documents required from applicants:

  1. a) Foreign students must fill the form that they can reach from http/www.ahievran.edu.tr
  2. b) The diploma sample of their secondary school or graduation certificate sample which is notary certificated or certificated by Consulship in their country (translated into Turkish)
  3. c) Transcript (It shows the grades and lessons that the applicant took in secondary school, the official transcript must be certificated by Secondary school Directorate)
  4. d) The notary certificated or Consulship certificated (translated into Turkish) result sample of one of the exams given below;

  2. 1) AEÜ-YÖS Result : Scoring at least 50 points out of 100 (The examination is valid for 2 years)
  3. 2) At least 1000 and 1100 total score must be taken from SAT 1 according to the department they will apply (The examination is valid 2 years)
  4. 3) In GCE (General Certificate Education), Level A must be taken from at least 3 subjects and at least one of these subjects must be related with the program applied; the grade-point average of the subjects taken must be C and above C.
  5. 4) In ACT examination, at least 24 points must be taken as Math, Science Reasoning and Composite points.
  6. 5) In TAWJIHI examinations, exam point average must be at least 90 in terms of all the subjects of Scientific Strea
  7. 6) In BACCALAUREAT LIBANAIS examinations, the diploma degree must be at least 70 in terms of Scientific Stream
  8. 7) They must have International Baccalaureate Degree and the diploma degree must be at least 28 and 32 according to the department that they will apply
  9. 8) They have golden, silver and bronze medals in the international science Olympics which TUBITAK attend and recognize.
  10. 9) In ABİTUR examination, at the most 4 points must be taken
  11. 10) TCS : Turkish Republics and Turkish and Relative Communities Exam ( scoring at least 40 points)
  13. 12) In Gaokao (The University Entrance Examination in the People’s Republic of China), at least 490 out of 750 score must be taken according to point type of the program that the applicant will apply
  14. 13) In AL-SHAHADA-AL-THANAWIYYA (Baccalaureate) examination in Syria, at least 190 out of 240 must be taken for the departments which accept students in terms of quantitative and equiponderant scores; for other departments at least 175 score must be taken
  15. 14) In AL-SHAHADA-AL-THANAWIYYA (Baccalaureate) examination in Libya, at least 195 must be taken for Engineering and Science 
    Faculty departments, for other departments 185 base points must be taken
  16. 15) Diplome Debirestan (the secondary school diploma degree in Iran) must be at least 12/20 and “Pişdaneşgahi” graduation note must be at least 12/20
  17. 16) In the University Entrance Examination in Greece, at least and above @ of total score must be taken
  18. 17) In the University Entrance Examination in Macedonia, at least and above @ of total score must be taken
  19. 18) In the University Entrance Examination in Kosovo, at least and above @ of total score must be taken
  20. 19) They must have French Baccalaureate diploma and the diploma degree must be at least 12
  21. 20) ONO: The secondary education point average must be at least 40 according to the hundred system, they must have international examinations, national secondary school graduation certificate or maturity examination certificate. In the countries which these examinations are not made, the applicants must have the official document which shows ONO and is certificated by secondary school directorate
  22. 21) They must have examination result document that other Turkish universities have made
  23. 22) In UAN examination, at least 60 points must be taken 
  24. 23) They must have other examination result documents that are not listed here and will be accepted by the University.

1. Applications have to be made to Ahi Evran University Head of Student Affairs Department with the filled application form and required documents via mail, e-mail, online or individually. 
2. The application documents which come after deadline because of the delays in mail will not be put in process.
3. The application documents of the applicants who lack of required documents during the application period will not be put in process.


(1) AEU- Foreign Student Examination is composed of multiple choice questions and students will be applied 2 tests. One of these tests is “Basic Learning Skills Test” and the other one is Turkish Language Test. The ones who have taken level C1, according to Europe Language Portfolio (ADP), in Turkish diploma examination made by TÖMER; who have taken level A and B in Turkish Language results of Turkish Language Sufficiency documents whose equivalence is certificated by authoritative institutions, will be regarded as successful in AEU- Foreign Student Examination Turkish Test. 
(2) The preparation of AEU YÖS tests, examination and announcement of exam results according to determined quotas are made by YÖDSK. YÖDSK, under the presidency of the vice rector who is responsible for the Directorate of Student Affairs, is composed of Head of Student Affairs Directorate, Head of Information Processing Directorate and 6 (six) academic members assigned by the Rector.
(3) The exam results of all the applicants who have entered the examination will be evaluated on computer environment and exam result will be listed. Exam results will be announced here http://www.ahievran.edu.tr 

1.The evaluation of applications and placement of the applicants will be made by Ahi Evran University “Foreign Student Acceptance Commission”. Foreign Student Acceptance Commission is organized by 6 (six) academic staff chosen by Heads of Student Affairs Unit and Information and Technology Unit and Rector. It is chaired by the Vice Rector responsible from the Head of Student Affairs Unit. 
2. The equivalence of the exams accepted for application with one another is determined by University Senate. The scores of applicants’ exams and point averages of their secondary or secondary education will be transformed into the hundred system and the highest point will be accepted as 100 (one hundred). The ones who take at least 40 (forty) and above in exams and whose secondary education graduation degree is at least 40 (forty) and above will be evaluated.
3. If there is equivalence in placement scores, the placement process will be firstly according to Secondary Education Graduation Degree. If the equivalence continues, it will be according to Turkish Language Level. At the end of this process, if there is equivalence, the youngest applicant will be chosen. 
4. As a result of placement process, the original and waiting applicants will be listed according to point ranking taken from announced examinations. 
5. In the waiting list, waiting applicants will be 4 times more of the applicants in announced original list. 
6. The students from the waiting list as the same amount as quota will be able to register in the place of the applicants who have not registered. 
7. The exact registration of the original applicants will be made by Directorate of Student Affairs during the time period which is mentioned in the Academic Calendar. It is obligatory for the original applicants who have the right to exact registration to complete the necessary documents for application and to apply to Directorate of Student Affairs in the meantime of application. The original applicants who do not apply for registration and complete their registration process within this period lose their rights to registration and the applicants from the waiting list are accepted according to the quota and their place in the list.
8. The name lists of original and waiting applicants will be announced in http://www.ahievran.edu.tr as a notification. Any notification will not be made to applicants via mail. 
9. The evaluation of the applications made to the units that accept students with special ability tests will be made according to the special ability instructions’ standards. 

CLAUSE 11- Application results are announced in http://www.ahievran.edu.tr, the website of the university. The applicants accepted to our university can provide their own letter of acceptance from http://www.ahievran.edu.tr, the website of the university. They have to get a student visa by applying The Turkish Republic Embassies in their own countries (or the closest one) with their letter of acceptance. 


CLAUSE 12- (1) The exact registrations of the applicants who have right to register are made by Directorate of Student Affairs
(2) The documents required from the applicant who has the right to register are; 
a) The original of secondary school diploma and “Equivalence Document” that shows their diploma is equivalent to the diplomas of Turkish secondary schools. This document can be obtained from The Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education or The Turkish Republic Ministries in their own countries. 
b) The original transcript or its sample certificated and translated into Turkish. 
c) The original examination result document (from the applicants who took international examinations) 
d) Submission of official ID and passport
e) Payment of contribution/tuition to the concerned bank 
f) The original Turkish Language Sufficiency document 
g) 4 passport photos. 
h)Statement of Financial Assurance: A bank statement indicating that the individual himself or the one who is responsible for him/her have 1,5 times more of student current service cost (  if the cost has not been defined for the relevant year, the cost of previous year is taken into consideration) for each academic year in order for enabling to continue his/her higher education in the program he/she is placed.

1. Education language is Turkish. 
2. The students who apply to the departments with compulsory foreign language preparation class will enter Foreign Language Sufficiency Test made by Ahi Evran University College of Foreign Languages. The students who could not pass the examination will attend to foreign language preparation program for a year and if they are successful, they will be registered to the first grade. 

CLAUSE 14 – 
1. The level of students is determined according to the results of Foreign Student Examinations took in other universities or AEU- Foreign Student Examination in terms of Turkish test score; for the students placed by other examination results according to the score of Turkish language test that will be made by TÖMER; according to Turkish language examination results of Turkish Language Equivalence documents made by other agencies and institutions and whose equivalence is certificated by authoritative institutions. 
2. Turkish Language Levels are;
a) Level A: Turkish language level is sufficient, they can start education
b) Level B: Turkish language level is not sufficient. However, they can improve it within a short period. They can start their education on condition that they will attend Turkish language courses meanwhile. 
c) Level C: Turkish language level is not sufficient. After they study Turkish language for a year, they can start their education. 
3. The students who do not have Turkish Language Sufficiency document or their Turkish language level is C will be granted on leave for a year and can start their education if they get Turkish Language Sufficiency document from TÖMER or other Turkish language courses. The foreign students, who have Turkish Language Sufficiency document from the institution except TÖMER, have the authoritative institutions certificated their Turkish Language Sufficiency documents. The equivalence of these documents’ acceptance is up to AEU University Steering Committee. For the students who cannot reach the sufficient knowledge of Turkish language, Steering committee can decide to give 1 more additional year.


CLAUSE 15 – The minimum and maximum amounts of contribution and tuition paid by foreign students are determined by Steering Committee in the scope of standards defined by the Council of Ministers for the relevant year.


Foreign Student Office 
CLAUSE 16 – (1) A foreign student Office within the university is founded by the Rectorate in order to help the orientation of the foreign students to meet their social and cultural needs and to solve their problems, and sufficient staff and equipment is supplied.

Legal Clauses
CLAUSE 17 – For the situations for which there are no provisions in this instruction, the provisions of the current legislation and the decisions of the Senate is applied

CLAUSE 18 – The instruction titled as “TR Ahi Evran University Foreign Students Instruction” is abolished with the Senate’s 23.05.2012 dated and 2012/04 numbered decision.

CLAUSE 19- (1) This instruction becomes valid as from it is acknowledged by University Senate and approved by the Council of Higher Education

CLAUSE 20-   (1) This instruction is being enforced by Ahi Evran University Rector