The Candidates Who Have Qualifications Listed Below Can Apply Provided That They Are Graduated From High School Or Are At The Senior Year Of High School

 1) Those who are foreign national,

2) Those who were born as Turkish citizen but later were permitted by the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey to leave Turkish citizenship, including their under age children who are registered in the document of leaving Turkish citizenship and who can certificate that they have the document regarding the Exercise of Given Rights pursuant to the Law number 5203,

3) Those who used to have a foreign citizenship but later have attained Turkish citizenship/those who have a dual citizenship under these circumstances,

4) Those who have Turkish citizenship and have received secondary education entirely in a foreign country except for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) (including those who have received secondary education entirely at a Turkish school located in a foreign country except for TRNC),

5) Those who have TRNC citizenship, reside in TRNC, have received secondary education in TRNC and have obtained GCE AL degrees and those who, being TRNC citizen, registered in the colleges or high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and currently have or will obtain GCE AL degree are eligible for application.

Following individuals are not allowed to apply the allocated quotas.

1) Those who have Turkish citizenship, (except for those who have finished the last 3 years of their high school education in a country except for TRNC)

2) Those who have TRNC citizenship (excluding those who have received secondary education entirely at TRNC high schools and have obtained GCE AL degree),

3) Dual citizens whose first citizenship is Turkish from birth, as described in the article 2 (excluding those who have received secondary education entirely in foreign countries except for TRNC and those who have received secondary education entirely at a Turkish school located in a foreign country except for TRNC),

4) Dual citizens who have TRNC citizenship (excluding those who have received secondary education entirely at TRNC high schools and have obtained GCE AL degree and those registered in the colleges or high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and currently have or will obtain GCE AL degrees),

5) Those who have studied or are currently studying at schools subject to the embassies in Turkey or at foreign high schools in Turkey and dual citizens whose first citizenship is Turkish as described in the article 2 are ineligible.


6) Every year in April, explanations regarding the applications are announced on the University web page.

7) Applications are made online/through our website within the dates defined on the announcement. The application form printout must be taken and signed and sent to the Directorate of Student Affairs by post through the attachments or delivered by hand. The application documents which are received after the last application date for the delay caused by post are not put in process.

8) Applications are made through the following documents. The applicant’s own statement is taken into consideration. When a candidate is placed, records of those who have made false declaration are deleted, these people cannot claim any right;

a)  Outprint of the application form signed by the applicant,

b) Copy of high school diploma or copy of the document for the last year students concerning that the person can graduate,

c) Copy of the examination result document or the document that shows the secondary education grade point average

Required points for application

1) University entrance and high school graduation examination points shown on the Attachment 1 are taken into consideration in the University’s placement of the foreign student to the quotas. Of these examinations, validity period of the ones in university entrance status is 2 years.

2) Those who have obtained gold, silver or bronze medals in the International Science Olympiads recognized by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey are given priority in the placements.

 3) The candidates who have points that don’t exist on the list given in the Attachment 1 are also allowed to make application through the documents that demonstrate the type of their points.

Evaluation of applications

1) Foreign student quotas to be accepted to the associate and undergraduate programs conducted in the units at the university are determined by the university’s student admission and the commission for quota determination processes on condition that it is sent to Student Selection and Placement Center.

2) Processes of evaluation of the applicants and placements to the departments/programs are done through commission decision with the following points taken into consideration:

a) The points defined in the Attachment 1 are converted to 100 system by linear transformation.

b) For the Undergraduate Programs, placement score is calculated by taking the %80 of the Foreign Student Examinations (central examinations) and the %20 of the secondary education graduation (point) average.

c) For the Associate (2- year) Programs, only the secondary education gradation (point) average is taken into consideration. The candidates to apply these quotas are not required to have Foreign Student Examination (central examination) point.

d) The candidates are placed through their choices by the converted points being enumerated from the top point to the lower.

e) In case there are applicants to the same department, candidates from as many different countries as possible are placed.

f) Providing the application requirements do not have to require being accepted for placement.

g) Applications of the candidates who do not provide the application requirements are not assessed.

h) In addition to the terms specified above, candidates applying to departments which require a special aptitude exam shall pass a Special Aptitude Exam to be held by our University, the assessment of applicants shall be made in accordance with the criteria specified in the directive for special aptitude exam application, enrolment and admission of the related faculty.


i) In addition to general terms specified above, candidates applying for the departments providing education in foreign languages shall pass a foreign language exam to be held by the Directorate of School of Foreign Languages of the University. Candidates scoring at least 70 points out of 100 as a result of this exam shall be considered successful. Candidates scoring 70 points and higher in ÜDS or KPDS exams which are considered as equivalent to this exam and accepted by School of Foreign Languages, or scoring sufficient points in international exams accepted as equivalent by Inter-university Board shall also be considered as successful in Foreign Language Proficiency Exam.


j) The students who have registered the departments which have compulsory foreign language preparation class are supposed to obey all the regulations related with foreign language teaching and teaching in foreign language.

k) Apart from the announced application program dates every year, the candidates who consider applying to associate and undergraduate programs of our University, if they wish, can attend to Turkish and English courses organized by the University in order to make up for Turkish or English language incompetence or to prepare for the following admission and registration dates.



1) Exam results will be declared online on the university website. Final enroments will be done on the basis of that annoucement.

2) Candidates who gain a right of enrolment to the University are sent an acceptance letter. Any delay on the post  does not mean that the registration date will be changed.

3)  Enrolments are made by Registrar’s Office on specified dates announced on the University

web page.


 1)Documents stated below are required for enrolment:

a) An orginal copy of the candidate’s university entrace certificate or an exam result certificate having the status of high school graduation.

b) Equivalency certificate of the high school diploma and the original cerificate

c) The original copy of the pages of the passport showing the id of the candidate and validty of the passport together with the translated( into Turkish) pages of them certified by notary or Turkish Foreign Agencies.

d) Bank receipt showing the tution has been paid to the relevant bank

e) 2 passport photos of the sizes 4,5*6

f) ( If there is ), the original copy of the Foreign Language Document or Turkish Proficiency Document certified by notary or Turkish Foreign Agencies.

g) A letter of undertaking showing that students can can afford his/her own life.

h) Certificate of Residence ( should be handed to the relevant unit of the students affairs within 10 days of registration date.

Turkish Proficiency Levels

1) Applicants who are placed to programs instructed in Turkish are obliged to certify their level of Turkish knowledge. Turkish proficiency levels of the applicants who cannot provide this document shall be determined according to results of Turkish Proficiency Exam to be held by the Department of Turkish Language. A student scoring at least 60 points out of 100 in proficiency exam shall be considered successful.


2) The students who fail from Turkish proficiency exam and the students who are obliged to improve

their Turkish level can attend to Turkish language courses organized by the Department of Turkish Language or to the courses organized by other higher education institutions. Education program of

Turkish course is announced on the web page of Turkish Language Department before the commencement of educational year. Students who complete and succeed in the exam are given certificates specifying their level of Turkish knowledge.


3) Students obtaining certificates specifying sufficient or developable Turkish proficiency level at the end of one year shall submit certificates to the management of the relevant unit before the commencement of academic year. Students who cannot submit Turkish Proficiency certificates at the end of one year or those who cannot succeed in Turkish Proficiency Exam held by the Department of Turkish Language shall be expelled from the University.


Candidates can apply with these exam results listed below:

(Candidate can apply with the result of any international exams, this list is only a sample)

(To be replaced the undergraduate degrees, & 80 of the exam results on the first list and the % 20 of the diploma grade on the second list are used)

  1. YÖS exams : Yös which is done by Afyon Kocatepe University or any universities.
  2. Abitur – Zeungis der Allegemeinen Hochschulreife-
  3. ACT: American College Test
  4. Al- Shahada   Al- Thanawiyya   Al –Amma
  5. Azerbaijan The exam by TQDK
  6. South Korea: College Schdastic Aptitude Test  -CSAT-
  7. People s republic of China : GAOKAG
  8. Indonesia : Ujian Nasional
  9. Kazakhstan: National University Entrance exam
  10. Kenya: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Exam KSCEE
  11. Kyrgyzstan : ORT
  12. France Baccalaureat
  13. GCE
  14. Kudrat Examination
  15. Matura
  16. Mongolia : National University Enterance examination
  17.  Turkey: National Universtiy Entrance exam ÖSYS
  18. Sat Reasoning test
  19. Tawjihi examination
  20. International Baccalaureat
  21. West African Examination Council Degree  WAEC
  22. Zimbabwe : Zimsec

This part can be used to apply associate degrees

  1. Gpa
  2. Diploma Deberestan/ Pisdanesgahi
  3. Attestat/ Certificate of Secondary Education