International Student Application (Undergraduate and Associate Degree)

(Graduate applications: the link is below)

Terms of application:

An international candidate who is currently enrolled as a senior in a high school or who has already earned a high school diploma equivalent to a Turkish High School Diploma providing these conditions can apply to Abant Izzet Baysal University.

Required documents for application:

1- Application form (click here for the form)

2- High School Diploma

3- Official Transcript

4- Document of Exam Result –see below for Conditions about Exams-

5-   a) Identity card with photograph

      b) Photocopy of passport page which includes identity information

send your application to this Address:

                         Abant Izzet Baysal University

                         Deanery of The Faculty of/ Directorship of The College of ………

                         Izzet Baysal Campus, 14280 Golkoy / BOLU

Application Dates: June 22- July 3, 2015

Registration Dates: 17–21 August 2015

Language of Education:

Except the science departments of Faculty of Science and Literature ( English education), all other departments and Faculty/Colleges, education is Turkish in our university.

Quotas: Quotas for 2015-2016 here 

Tutions: here 

Conditions about Exams: here 


International Student Applications for Graduate Studieshere



Contact: international@ibu.edu.tr

General info: http://www.international.ibu.edu.tr/index.php/en/home