1-Eğirdir Faculty of Fisheries

2-The Faculty of Agriculture

3-The Faculty of Arts and Sciences

4-The Faculty of Communication

5-The Faculty of Dentistry

6-The Faculty of Divinity

7-The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

8-The Faculty of Education

9-The Faculty of Engineering

10-The Faculty of Fine Arts

11-The Faculty of Forestry

12-The Faculty of Achitecture

13-The Faculty of Law

14-The Faculty of Medical Sciences

15-The Faculty of Medicine

16-The Faculty of Pharmacy

17-The Faculty of Technical Education

18-The Faculty of Technology


1-Eğirdir Tourism and Hotel Administration

2-The School of Foreign Languages

3-Yalvaç Büyükkutlu School of Applied Sciences

Vocational Schools

1-Aksu Mehmet Süreyya Demiraslan Vocational School

2-Atabey Vocational School

3-Distance Education Vocational School

4-Eğirdir Health Services Vocational Schools

5-Eğirdir Vocational School

6-Gelendost Vocational School

7-Gönen Vocational School

8-Isparta Health Services Vocational School

9-Isparta Vocational School

10-Justice Vocational School

11-Keçiborlu Vocational School

12-Senirkent Vocational School

13-Sütçüler Prof.Dr. Hasan Gürbüz Vocational School

14-Şarkikaraağaç Tourism Vocational School

15-Şarkikaraağaç Vocational School

16-Technical Sciences Vocational School

17-Uluborlu Selahattin Karasoy Vocational School

18-Yalvaç Technical Sciences Vocational School

19-Yalvaç Vocational School

20-Yenişarbademli Vocational School


1-Graduate school of natural and applied Science

2-The Institute of Education Sciences

3-The Institute of Fine Arts

4-The Institute of Medical Sciences

5-The Institute of Social Sciences

6-The Institute of Water

Research Centers


2-Alevi Bektashi Culture


4-Atatürk Principles and Revolutions

5-Botanical Garden and Herbarium

6-Cad Cam


8-Computer Sciences

9-Culture of Music

10-Dentistry Science

11-District of Lakes Water Resources

12-Earthquake and Geotechnical

13-Empirical and Observational Student

14-Energy Research

15-European Union Documentation

16-Fight Education of Forest Fires


18-Geothermal Energy, Underground Water and Mineral Resources


20-Hydrogen Research


22-Lifelong Learning

23-Neurological Sciences

24-Problems of Women


26-Remote Sensing

27-Renewable Energy Sources

28-Research and Application Hotels

29-Rose and Rose Products

30-Search and Rescue

31-Sport Sciences

32-Statistic Consultancy

33-Strategic Researches

34-Teaching of Turkish Language

35-Technological Materials

36-Textile, Handcrafts

37-The Handicapped


39-Village Institutes Education

40-Corporate Communication

41-Motor Vehicles

42-sleep Disorders Diagnostic Treatment

43- Laboratory Animals and Medical Research

44-Natural and Indüstrial Building Materials

45-Gifted People Research and Application Center

46-Uluğbey Viticultural and Wine Culture


1-Academician Training Program (ÖYP) Coordinatorship

2-African Countries Corporation Coordinatorship

3-Balkan Countries Corporation Coordinatorship

4-Coordinatorship of Service for Students from Turkic Republics and Other Turkic Societies

5-Counseling and Guidance Coordinatoship

6-Education and Training Coordinatorship

7-Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship

8-Ertokuş Bey Classrooms Coordinatorship

9-European Credit Transfer System Coordinatorship

10-Farabi Coordinatorship

11-Human Resources Coordinatorship

12-International Affairs Office General Coordinatship

13-Middle East Affairs Coordinatorship

14-National and International Research Studies Coordinatorship

15-Publishing Coordinatoship

16-Research Centers Coordinatorship

17-SDÜ Eğirdir Campus Coordinatorship

18-SDÜ Yalvaç Campus Coordinatorship

19-Software Coordinatorship

20-Statistics and Data Analyze Coordinatorship

21-Technocity Coordinatorship

22-University and Charitable Institutions Coordinatorship

23-University Law Affairs Coordinatorship

24-University-TİKA Corporation Coordinatorship

25-Vocational Schools Coordinatorship

26-WEB Coordinatoship

27-Mevlana Coordinatoship

28-Press Coordinatoship

29--Information and Technology Coordinatorship

30- Other Countries Coordinatorship

31- Foreign Students Coordinatorship

32- Sport Facilities Coordinatorship

33- Health Oriented External Relations Coordinatorship

34- Health Tourism Executive Committee and Health Tourism Coordinatorship

35- Scientific Researches Coordinatorship

36- Culture and Protocol Coordinatorship

37- Faculty and School Secretaries Coordinatorship

38- Handicapped Students Coordinatorship

39-  ADIM Universities Coordinatorship

40- Student Affairs Deanery

Units Under Rectorate

1-Ataturk’s Principles and History Department

2-Deanery Of Student Affairs

3-Fine Arts Department

4-Informatic Department

5-Physical Education and Sport Department

6-Turkish Language Department