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A message from President Umran İnan about Koç University Graduate Academics:

'At Koc University, we are pleased to offer a broad range of programs including Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law and Medicine. We are particulary excited about the interdisciplinary interactions between these various disciplines that represent the future of both human life and scientific knowledge. We urge students to be interested in these interconnected fields because we believe that while undergraduate studies provide a basic broad education for the future; Masters and PhD programs provide the necessary specialization and form the basis for the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Especially those who have a career in mind in the Academia and in the R&D industry should definetely pursue a PhD in the field they are interested in. However, venturing on to the path of a PhD is by no means a simple career choice. One should bear in mind that upon embarking on the path of PhD studies for three to five years, one does need to permanently forego a substanial set of other career opportunities .

Masters on the other hand, can be used either for either specialization or broadening of one’s education. If for example one has completed an undergraduate education in engineering, one may have always harboured an interest in humanities, in psychology or in some other field, and doing a Masters in that alternative field would provide an enormous satisfaction for one’s curiosity and equips the individual with a knowledge base that is much broader than a single undergraduate degree.

It is my opinion that nowadays, people have to have an external reason to not do a Masters of their choice. In terms of career opportunities in industry, a graduate level of education represents a different level of sophistication that most employers look for. At the same time, Masters studies can be a stepping stone for PhD programs, especially for those who not sure about pursuing a PhD. During a Masters program, one can taste R&D and the notions of investigation and scientific research at, so that one can then make a more informed and intelligent decision about whether or not to pursue a PhD Koç University is an excellent place for pursuing graduate studies, since one can do so across such a variety of fields in an interdisciplinary fashion, in each one of which we offer outstanding faculty and excellent academic quality. One can combine medicine with engineering; social sciences with administrative sciences or social sciences with engineering.

In short, we wholeheartedly invite you to satisfy your curiosity for pursuit of knowledge here at Koç University in our graduate programs and look forward to working with you.'

Prof. Dr. Umran İNAN 
Koç University


List of Graduate Programs:

Graduate School of Business

Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering

Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Graduate School of Health Sciences 


List of Undergraduate Programs:

College of Administrative Sciences & Economics

• International Relations

• Economics

• Business Administration


College of Law

• Law


College of Engineering

• Chemical and Biological Engineering

• Computer Engineering

• Electrical and Electronics Engineering

• Industrial Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering


School of Medicine

• Medical Education


College of Sciences

• Chemistry

• Physics

• Mathematics

• Molecular Biology and Genetics


College of Social Sciences and Humanities

• Archeology and History of Art

• English Language & Comparative   Literature

• History

• Psychology

• Philosophy

• Sociology

• Media and Visual Arts


School of Nursing

• Nursing