Institute of Social Sciences: Philosophy, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Economics, Business Administration, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Post Graduate Programs, History and Philosophy PhD Programs

Institute of Science: Physics, Civil Engineering and Health Facilities Management Post Graduate Programs, Health Facilities Management and Physics PhD Programs

Graduate School of Health Sciences


Faculty of Arts and Science: Philosophy, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Sociology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology, Translation and Interpreting, Western Languages and Literatures, Oriental Languages and Literature, Balkan Languages, Slavic Languages, Biology, Archaeology, Educational Sciences, Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Altaic Languages

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences: Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, International Relations, Finance, Econometrics, Tourism Management, Human Resources Management

Faculty of Engineering: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Textile Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Genetic and Bioengineering

Faculty of Technical Education: Construction Teaching, Construction Drawing Teaching, Lighting and Installation Education, Electric Machinery, Energy Facilities Education

Faculty of Tourism: Tourism Management, Tour Guiding, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Recreation Management

Faculty of Architecture: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Theology: Education of Religion and Ethics for Primary School, Basic Islam Sciences, Philosophy and Religion Sciences, Islamic History and Arts

Faculty of Technology: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Energy Systems Engineering, Automotive Engineering


School of Health: Child Development, Health Facilities Management, Nutrition and Dietetic, Nursery, Midwifery

School of Applied Sciences: Banking and Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Management Information Systems, Accounting and Finance Management, International Trade and Logistics, Civil Air Transportation Management

State Conservatory: Voice Training Department, Basic Sciences, Turkish Folk Dances, Instrument Manufacturing

School of Foreign Languages


Vocational School of Health Services: Medical Laboratory Techniques, Elderly Care, Child Development, Medical Advertising and Marketing, Medical Documentation and Secretaryship, Health Institutions, Opticianry, Anaesthesia, Physiotherapy, Audiometry

Vocational School of Social Sciences: Business Administration, Finance, Foreign Trade, Civil Aviation Cabin Services, Accounting and Taxing Applications, Radio and Television Programming, Banking and Insurance

Vocational School of Technical Sciences: Food Technology, Construction Technologies, Computer Programming, Electronic Technologies, Machinery, Electrical, Indoor Decoration Design, Mechatronics, Textile Technology, Clothing Production Technologies, Food Quality Control and Analysis

Luleburgaz Vocational School: Chemical Technologies, Accounting and Taxing Applications, Automotive Technology, Computer Programming, Offıce Management and Executive Assistance, Electrical, Graphic Design, Human Resources Management, Textile Technology, Marketing,  Social Security, Transportation and Traffic Services, Occupational Health and Safety

Babaeski Vocational School: Offıce Management and Executive Assistance, Banking and Insurance, Foreign Trade, Business Administration, Environmental Protection and Control Program, Stocks & Bonds and Capital Markets, Local Administrations

Pınarhisar Vocational School: Tourism and Hotel Services, Computer Programming, Information Management, Electrical, Catering Services, Tourism and Travel Services, Control and Automation Technology, Public Relations and Information, Building Control, Culinary

Vize Vocational School: Accounting and Taxing Applications, Real Estate & Property Management, Banking and Insurance, Finance, Foreign Trade, Marketing, Business Administration, Rubber and Plastics Technology