Fashion Design Program / Bursa Campus

Fashion Design / Bursa Campus

Faruk Saraç Design and Vocational High School’s Fashion Design Depatment aims to train the students to further develop their skills to create modern, creative and unique designs.

In this Department, the students receive the education of design for textiles, weaving, printing and accessories; learns about the materials and manufacturing techniques and; creates unique designs establishing the relations between the colors, materials, structure and functions.

Our students’ creative approaches to the academic studies are backed up by the cultural courses, design workshop efforts, researches, visits to business places, seminaries, exhibitions, fashion shows and apprenticeships in various locations.

Our students make their designs come true in the magical, inspiring atmosphere of the Fabrika-i Hümayun (Imperial Factory), founded in 1852, which produced silk carpets and fabrics for the palace and, made clothes for significant statesmen including European palaces.


Fashion Management Program / Bursa Campus
Fashion Management / Bursa Campus

Faruk Sarac Vocational School of Design, fashion management department’s goal is to educate component students in creating an managing a fashion brand. 

Faruk Saraç Design and Vocational High School’s Fashion Design Department trains the students not only for the general information and applications but also all the respective aspects of economy.

This department provides the students with the courses of fashion marketing strategy, communication and management. They receive the education in respect of the retail mechanism in the sector, experimental marketing, product planning, supply chain, logistics, store management, procurement, finance, and in particular, various fashion cultures.


Graphic Design Program / Bursa Campus
Graphic Design / Bursa Campus

Faruk Saraç Design and Vocational High School’s Graphic Design Department aims to train such individuals capable of establishing communications, using technology and producing and marketing businesses at the quality required by the sector based on their knowledge and skills attained therein.

This department provides practical and theoretical courses in the view of scientific, cultural and artistic values at any stage during the education. The education is backed up by intensive workshop studies.

The school provides the students with a Mac laboratory so that they could develop their skills for the use of required hardware/ software. 


Foreign Trade Program / Bursa Campus

Faruk Saraç Design and Vocational High School’s Foreign Trade Department aims to train such individuals with specialty in import, export and foreign exchange and, deep knowledge of international trade, legislations and international relations.

The school provides practical-intensive courses and makes efforts to ensure that the students are social, active, creative and have a good command of vocational foreign language and terms.

The Foreign Trade Department  expects the students to be interested in social sciences, enjoy the details and be attentive and highly responsible.


Public Relation and Publicty Program / Bursa Campus
Public Relation and Publicty / Bursa Campus

Faruk Saraç Design and Vocational School’s Public Relations and Publicity Department aims to train such individuals with self-confidence, deep knowledge of human psychology and motivation, competitive, flexible and ream-mate.

This department provides not only theoretical courses but also practical education of corporate communication, trademark communication, crisis communication, marketing and financial communication with case studies.

Graduates from this programme will have a chance to work as intermediate staff in the public relation departments of the public and private sector, advertising and public relation agencies and media planning companies.