BEU, the Address of High Quality Education

Bülent Ecevit University (BEU) is an ever-strengthening university which enriches its academic and scientific studies with cultural, artistic and sports activities possessing 11 Faculties, 3 Graduate Schools, 5 Schools, State Conservatory, 7 Vocational Schools and 29 Application and Research centers. Ever-growing BEU is ready to offer educational services in 2015-2015 academic year with 71 Bachelor, 69 Post Graduate (43 Masters, 26 PhD), 107 Associate degree programs which makes 247 departments and programs in total.

BEU which enriches its academic staff day by day is ready to offer high quality education to its students in 2015-2016 Academic Year with its huge staff composed of 85 Professors, 107 Associate Professors and 310 Assistant Professors which makes 502 in total and 608 other teaching staff. BEU which has nearly 30 thousand students is waiting for you to join this huge family. BEU pays great attention to the formation of quality systems regarding instruction and teaching. Thus, studies are in progress at BEU about accreditation and efforts are being made so that sustainability can be achieved in quality assurance systems.

The Mining Engineering department of our Faculty of Engineering was first accredited by Engineering Education Curriculum Assessment and Accreditation Agency (MUDEK) which is internationally valid for 2011-2014 period. The successful efforts of the department have been evaluated by MUDEK and the accreditation of the department was approved for the period 2014-2017.

The Cardiology department of our Faculty of Medicine has been granted Speciality Education Proficiency Document by Turkish Board of Cardiology Proficiency Educational Department Evaluation Council and accredited for 5 years as of 2011.

Some important tests conducted at Microbiology and Biochemistry labs of Health Application and Research Center have been accredited by leading quality assurance institutions of the world in 2013

Environmental, Geomatics, Electrics-Electronics, Civil and Mechanical Engineering departments of our Faculty of Engineering are currently conducting their processes for MEDEK accreditation. The departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Turkish Language and Literature, English Language and Literature and History of our Faculty of Arts and Sciences have accelerated their accreditation processes after their application of accreditation to Council of Curriculum Evaluation and Accreditation for Faculties of Science, Arts and Sciences, Languages, History and Geography (FEDEK).







Vocational Schools